recomendaciones para cuando rentes camionetas con chofer

Recommendations for when you rent a tourist van with driver.

Hi everyone,

For our company, the most important thing is you, so now we have prepared a series of videos where we clearly explain the way in which we will pick them up in our vans during their next trips, we also mention the luggage that we suggest to bring so that they enjoy the most and always Go very comfortable.

1. The driver will arrive promptly to the address or location that you have previously selected.

2. Our staff will firstly be responsible for establishing a security perimeter so that you can deliver your luggage and you can board the truck calmly and safely.

3. The suggested suitcases for this type of trucks are: small maximum 55 cm high, 40 cm wide and 25 cm deep. These suitcases turn out to be very easy to move and very comfortable. We will place this type of luggage in the trunk of the trucks located in the back.

4. Additional can bring any other sports or safety items such as surfboards, skates, folding bicycles, diving equipment, life jackets, inflatables, etc.

5. In the seating area we also have luggage carrier on the top there you can store your backpacks and handbags so that you can have your essential items at hand such as: food and drinks, medicines, cell phones , lap tops, chargers etc.

Finally, our team will welcome you and give you complimentary waters. Then we will start our journey to your destination. We want every trip in our vans to be an unforgettable experience. Happy travel to all. For more information or for reservations go to our website or send us a WhatsApp at 5516659260

Remember that the lighter you travel the more you will enjoy everything.

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